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Friday, May 05, 2006

Rolling Stone 1000th Issue Party in NYC

This dedicated heart knows no bounds................

Last night was Rolling Stone Magazine's 1000th issue party at Hammerstein Ballroom. Thanks to a VERY good friend, a cute shirt, a certain strategically placed mole, and some liquid confidence, I ended up inside this shin dig!

The whole reason for me going was a rumor that Eddie Vedder would be singing with the Strokes.....HE DID.... and I saw it. I'm way too tired this morning to give you the details but my VERY GOOD FRIEND, is already on top of that so look at his blog if you want to know more!

Here are some photos that I took last of myself as proof that I was actually there....notice above noted mole....thank you God, mom, dad, and hell, thank you Eddie Vedder for providing me with a reason to wake up in the morning!